Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies: Customize the Path to Your Future

Every student has an individual calling or dream career—and sometimes achieving this goal requires a unique route. At PCC, the interdisciplinary studies major allows you to design a degree that will specifically prepare you for your calling. You’ll be fully supported by your Student Success Advisors as you work toward making this dream into a reality.

Within the interdisciplinary studies program—a true liberal arts degree—you’ll become well-versed in more than one academic discipline, increase effective communication and critical thinking skills, and be able to succeed in today’s changing work environments. When you combine law with business, education with media and communications, Bible with natural sciences or the arts—and more—the broad courses you complete will make you marketable and cause you to stand out wherever the Lord is leading you.

By the time you graduate, you’ll be skilled and ready to enter your unique field or continue into graduate studies, equipped to make a difference in the world for Christ.

Faith-Based Interdisciplinary Studies

The personalized interdisciplinary studies degree from PCC will prepare you for God’s specific calling for your life. Since each course you choose is based on a biblical foundation, you’ll take the Christian focus from each discipline into your future opportunities.

Dr. Achuff teaching in classroom

Interdisciplinary Studies Major Learning Outcomes

As an interdisciplinary studies graduate, you will be able to

  • analyze information from a variety of disciplines using the biblical worldview.
  • demonstrate effective writing skills in a variety of disciplines.

Program Highlight

Writing for the Disciplines

In every profession, someone writes. While taking Writing for the Disciplines (EN 430), you’ll learn to streamline your communication for your specific audience. Building upon the general grammar and composition from freshman year and an emphasis on professionalism, you’ll expand your writing skill with insight into how your audience thinks. You’ll complete projects using platforms and mediums that apply to your career goals and reflect appropriate and reliable resources that stand out in an age of information.

Your Interdisciplinary Future

What can you do with an interdisciplinary studies degree?

With an interdisciplinary studies degree from PCC, you’ll be prepared to pursue graduate studies or enter your profession fully equipped to make a difference in the world. The unique way to personalize this degree broadens your opportunities and allows you to specialize the path to your specific career.

Here are a few of the countless career opportunities available to you.

  • College Admissions Counselor
  • Crime Scene Technician
  • Entrepreneur
  • Hospital Technician
  • Human Resources
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Media Producer
  • Missionary
  • Teacher

Here are a few of the many places that our interdisciplinary studies alumni have worked.

  • Armed Services National Guard
  • Discovery Children’s Museum
  • Fairway Independent Mortgage
  • Holy Cross Hospital
  • USPS
  • Visions Child Development Center

Faculty Highlight

Nikki Martinez

Miss Nikki Martinez

B.S., M.S., Pensacola Christian College
Doctoral study: Indiana University of Pennsylvania

“Our interdisciplinary studies program allows students to customize their major from a variety of fields. While some other institutions require students to focus either on the sciences or the arts, our program allows students to have concentrations in both sciences and arts.

My desire, along with the other faculty, is to give our students a well-rounded education with a biblical foundation so that they are well prepared for the career that God has called them to. My hope is that they will graduate understanding how to approach any situation with the biblical worldview that they were able to cultivate throughout their academic career.”

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Alumni Spotlight

Isaiah Helton
Isaiah Helton ’22

Emergency Management Coordinator

“I know from personal experience that you may not know exactly what you want to study your first year of college. What I enjoyed most about [my degree] was the ability to study what I was interested in. The interdisciplinary [studies] degree gives you the ability to take a wide range of classes while still giving you the firm foundation for any degree. I am currently using my degree to serve my county by ensuring we are fully prepared for any emergency. I interned with Santa Rosa County for Emergency Management and Escambia County in the same field and found the career I wanted to pursue through those internships.”

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About the Interdisciplinary Studies Program

The purpose of the interdisciplinary studies major is to give students a broad education to equip them with the knowledge and skills for a variety of opportunities.

Students in the interdisciplinary studies major must complete 45 cognate credits from 2 or 3 different academic departments; each cognate requires a minimum of 15 credits. Cognates must be approved by the Registrar. Students must earn at least 30 credits in 300– or 400–level courses.

Students can apply for scholarships to receive financial aid.

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Career Fair

Interdisciplinary Studies Career Support

With Career Services and Career Link, students can start making connections with employers while on campus during Career Fair events. These services provide tools and resources designed to empower you for your career.

Need help? Career Services staff are ready to assist you in researching employment opportunities, exploring job qualifications, and providing mock interviews and résumé support.