Cell and Molecular Biology

Cell and Molecular Biology

Natural Sciences Major—Cell and Molecular Biology Concentration, Bachelor of Science Degree

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Fill the Need for Christians in Science

With the rapid development of technology, a greater appreciation of the intricate structure and function of the cell has enabled scientists to both understand and treat human disease in ways not previously possible. As technology continues to advance in the twenty-first century, the emphasis in therapy is one of a personalized approach to healthcare. Students who pursue a concentration in cell and molecular biology will find themselves positioned at the intersection of emerging technology and the most innovative scientific advances. This program of study prepares students with prerequisite courses, foundational knowledge, and the necessary skills to apply for entrance into biomedical research graduate studies or a myriad of career choices in life science industries upon graduating from PCC.

The purpose of the cell and molecular biology concentration is for the student to develop an understanding of the design and function of the cell while appreciating the complexity of that design as a fingerprint of our Creator. Students will complete focused coursework in cell and molecular biology that will prepare them for careers in life science research, biotech industry, or entrance to graduate school.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the cell and molecular biology concentration will be able to

  • demonstrate their understanding of key concepts necessary to solve problems in science and mathematics or explain life processes,
  • apply standard scientific conventions to present logical conclusions based on novel research data and the research of others,
  • critique creationist and evolutionary interpretations of scientific data by applying scientific principles from the perspective of a supernatural creation of all things in six literal days approximately 6,000 years ago by the God of the Bible,
  • articulate ethical standards based on a biblical foundation, and
  • demonstrate proficiency in the theory and applications of cell and macromolecular experimental design and implementation.
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High School Preparation

Recommended high school preparation for a cell and molecular biology concentration is 2 units of algebra, 1 unit of trigonometry, and 1 unit each of biology and chemistry. Opportunities are available to make up certain deficiencies. In this case, time required to complete a cell and molecular biology concentration could be expected to increase.

Career Possibilities

  • Physician
  • Dentist
  • Pharmacist
  • Research Scientist
  • Biotech Industry
  • Science Policy
  • Patent Law
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Biochemist
  • Science Writing/Publishing
  • Education

One of the most important components of college life is academics. Over the past four years, God has used PCC’s high academic standard to stretch me. Each semester brought challenging biology classes that delved deeper into the scientific complexity of God’s creation, maturing my knowledge to a level that is essential for future success. However, it is not only the great amount of information but also the important moral and spiritual lessons brought about by every class that characterized and strengthened my education. I am confident that I have received a solid and well-rounded education that will serve as a firm foundation as I go on to further schooling in the medical field.

Melissa K. ’12