Natural Sciences Major—Pre-Pharmacy Emphasis, Bachelor of Science Degree

See also Pre-Medicine and Pre-Physical Therapy

Combine Medical Expertise with Professional Care

Pharmacists have a unique opportunity to serve patients by carefully distributing medication, avoiding dangerous drug interactions and side effects. Strong organizational and interpersonal skills, as well as comprehension of the human body and medicine, mark the successful pharmacist.

PCC’s pre-pharmacy emphasis effectively trains students to enter pharmacy graduate schools as knowledgeable, articulate, capable individuals. An emphasis on science and mathematics, combined with liberal arts training in subjects such as English, communication, history, and Bible ensures that graduates have both technical knowledge and the practical skills necessary to apply their knowledge in many situations.

The biblical foundation of the program, both in Bible classes and in every class at PCC, is key to training students who will be faithful to God’s Word when they enter their professions. Pharmacists with a strong code of ethics, high moral standards, and a compassionate heart for patients are poised to make a positive difference in today’s society.

The purpose of the pre-pharmacy emphasis is to provide a strong background in science and mathematics and to encompass a traditional, liberal arts education from a Christian perspective as well as to prepare students for admission to and successful completion of pharmacy school.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the pre-pharmacy emphasis will be able to

  • demonstrate their understanding of key concepts necessary to solve problems in science and mathematics or explain life processes,
  • apply standard scientific conventions to present logical conclusions based on novel research data and the research of others,
  • critique creationist and evolutionary interpretations of scientific data by applying scientific principles from the perspective of a supernatural creation of all things in six literal days approximately 6,000 years ago by the God of the Bible,
  • articulate ethical standards based on a biblical foundation, and
  • demonstrate proficiency in entrance requirements for pharmacy school.
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High School Preparation

Preparation for pharmacy school demands much specific high school preparation. Ideally, students should have a good understanding of basic physical sciences, a highly developed ability in mathematics, and competence to read rapidly and with comprehension. The minimum adequate preparation includes 2 units of algebra and 1 unit each of plane geometry, advanced mathematics (trigonometry and analytical geometry or precalculus), chemistry, and physics.

Students not prepared to enter directly into the pre-pharmacy curriculum will be able to make up certain deficiencies. In this case, time required to complete the pre-pharmacy emphasis could be expected to increase.

Career Possibilities

  • Pharmacist
  • Pharmaceutical sales
  • Research
  • Physician

Studying at PCC was a great experience that helped prepare me for pharmacy school. I received a solid foundation in the sciences that has been invaluable. My lab courses taught me how to properly and carefully follow lab procedures while giving me hands-on experience that helped me to better understand the course materials. The best part of PCC’s pre-pharmacy program was that the tools I was given to prepare me for pharmacy school were delivered by excellent teachers who cared about me and who pushed me to do my very best. I still stay in touch with several of my professors and am thankful for their godly advice and mentoring.

I received an academic scholarship my first year in pharmacy school. Also, in addition to taking a full class load, I am employed by Campbell University as a peer tutor for several pharmacy courses. I have the unusual privilege of being authorized to tutor several classes while taking these classes as a direct result of the great foundation that my professors at PCC gave me.

Rebekah G. ’10
Doctor of Pharmacy student at Campbell University (Buies Creek, NC)