Advertising/Public Relations

Bachelor of Science in Business, Advertising/Public Relations Concentration

Advertising and Public Relations: Combining Communication with Business

Whether you’re drawn to influence the world by promoting products and services for others or building a brand from scratch, the broad advertising/public relations courses at PCC will prepare you for a variety of business and communications careers.

PCC provides a liberal arts education with the flexibility to customize electives around your specific career goals. Courses that emphasize communications and marketing training give you experience to influence your audience and sell ideas, products, services, and more. You’ll develop public relations skills in speech, writing, and media classes and have opportunities to apply what you’re learning through course projects. Whether you plan to start a business, serve in an existing company or ministry, or are still seeking the Lord’s direction, the experiences you gain will lead you to the next step.

Faith-Based Advertising/Public Relations

With a focus to bring glory to God, the advertising/public relations courses at PCC apply biblical principles to communications and business practices. You’ll be marked by honesty, irreproachable ethics, and a heart to serve your customers or clients. These qualities will cause you to stand out as distinctively Christian, making you invaluable in the business world and a light for Christ.

Graphic Design Class

Advertising/Public Relations Concentration Learning Outcomes

As an advertising/public relations graduate, you will be able to

  • make ethical and moral choices based on a biblical worldview,
  • communicate effectively in written and oral presentations,
  • use current technology and computer applications effectively in your chosen profession,
  • relate knowledge to practical experiences,
  • be prepared to pursue advanced study in your chosen field,
  • address public relations crises using various media channels, and
  • develop an effective advertising campaign.

Program Highlight

Public Relations Management

When you take Public Relations Management (BA 413), you’ll learn how to analyze crises management from a management-stakeholder relationship. In this advanced course, you’ll assess crises and issues using case-study methodology. When you complete this course, you’ll have the confidence you need to formulate proper ethical responses through various media channels.

Your Advertising/Public Relations Future

What can you do with an advertising/public relations concentration?

After earning your degree, you’ll be equipped with a well-rounded skillset and an understanding of business. The experience and tools you gain can prepare you for a career in public relations, marketing, sales, and more. After graduation, you can take your next step confidently, whether you choose to enter grad school or begin in your field right away.

Here are a few of the countless career opportunities available to you.

  • Advertising Sales Representative
  • Campaign Manager
  • Consultant
  • Communications Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Digital Media Agent
  • Marketing Representative
  • Marketing Researcher
  • Public Relations Assistant
  • Public Relations Manager

Here are a few of the grad schools our advertising/public relations alumni have attended.

  • ArtCenter College of Design
  • Bob Jones University
  • Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University
  • University of Texas
  • University of West Florida

Here are a few of the many places that our advertising/public relations alumni have worked.

  • ADT Security Services
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Durham Advertising
  • ERPi
  • Freedom Foundation
  • National Church Residences
  • Ogilvy
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Radio Systems Corporation
  • Sandy Sansing Automotive Group
  • Schiffer Publishing
  • United States House of Representatives
  • U.S. Pipeline Inc.
  • White River Broadcasting
  • Xulon Press

Faculty Highlight

Chad Morehead

Dr. Mandy Kasprzyk

B.S., M.B.A., Pensacola Christian College
Ph.D., University of South Alabama

“The Advertising/PR program is unique because it gives students opportunity to explore both their creative and business goals. Core classes are designed to give a well-rounded experience while, later in the program, students can customize their major to meet their specific needs. For example, if a student wanted to explore more of business management, they can add a class like Retailing, but if they wanted to learn more about the digital/creative side, they can take web design electives.

My experience in retail and sales and marketing research gives me a lot of excitement and passion in the classroom. I teach introduction courses which have all, at times, prompted students to reach out about career planning—whether that’s talking through a small business startup idea or discussing what it takes to become a PR/communications specialist for a large corporation. Beyond the class content itself, my involvement with students revolves around giving advice about career development or planning.”

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Alumni Spotlight

Liz Bowen
Liz Bowen ’18

Sales Counselor
Legacy Village, National Church Residences

“From public speaking to web design, PCC did a great job thoughtfully crafting a program to educate its students. While I did not enjoy it at the time, the speech classes at PCC have helped me become a confident presenter when addressing groups large or small. The critiques in my art classes were also helpful in understanding how to respond to constructive criticism, and then implementing improvements without taking it personally.

Whether it was a teacher or friends who have become family, I will always cherish the connections made at college. And just like any college, PCC is what you make it, so take advantage of what’s offered.

For me, PCC was a wonderful experience and it fully prepared me to enter the professional world. I’m excited to see how future graduates make an impact!”

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About the Advertising/Public Relations Concentration

The purpose of the advertising/public relations concentration is to provide the visual, written, and oral skill necessary for students to address companies’ advertising and public relations needs using various media. Practical application and a broad base of business knowledge provide skills necessary to be effective.

Students enrolled in 300- or 400-level art courses are required to own a personal laptop for use in class. An Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is also required. Laptop specifications must meet minimum Adobe Creative Cloud system requirements.

Advertising/public relations students can apply for scholarships to receive financial aid.

Roger and Eloise Anderson Scholarship
Up to $3,000 scholarship awarded to a continuing sophomore with a business major, mechanical or pre-medicine concentration, or pre-law emphasis who has a financial need, to be applied in the 3rd, 5th, and 7th semesters of consecutive attendance.

Bank of America Scholarship
$500 scholarships each awarded to continuing sophomores, juniors, or seniors with a business major who have a financial need, to be applied over one semester.

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Career Fair

Advertising/Public Relations Career Support

With Career Services and Career Link, students can start making connections with employers while on campus during Career Fair events. These services provide tools and resources designed to empower you for your career in advertising/public relations.

Need help? Career Services staff are ready to assist you in researching employment opportunities, exploring job qualifications, and providing mock interviews and résumé support.