Professional Writing

Professional Writing

English Major—Professional Writing Concentration, Bachelor of Arts Degree

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Learn to Write Clearly, Creatively, and Effectively

Written words reach more audiences than any other form of communication. Books, newspapers, journals, magazines, websites, and countless other mediums reach millions of people every day, making Christian writers more needed now than at any other time in history.

For those interested in writing, PCC’s professional writing concentration provides advanced grammar and writing courses that train students to use written words effectively. Building upon foundational skills in grammar, usage, and diction, students learn how to edit and hone their writing to communicate clearly in both Christian and secular writing settings.

The professional writing concentration helps students develop and refine journalistic, advertising, technical, and creative writing skills while grasping the fundamentals of layout and design. With this broad training, graduates are valuable to a variety of employers and have the expertise to specialize in any of those areas.

Students gain practical professional writing experience through an internship, various campus publications, and other publishing opportunities, giving them insight into a variety of career options.

The purpose of the professional writing concentration is for students to use the gift of written language to communicate ideas effectively, concisely, and creatively in order to best express truth.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the professional writing concentration will be able to

  • demonstrate proficiency in writing poetry and prose according to traditional genres and techniques;
  • compose poetry and prose that communicate a clear message in harmony with a biblical worldview;
  • analyze literature as a model for quality writing in light of the Bible, the meaning of the text, and the work’s historical and biographical context;
  • market their writing;
  • effectively edit the writing of others; and
  • exhibit professional skills and behaviors necessary to compete in their chosen field of professional writing.
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Career Possibilities

  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Advertising
  • Journalism
  • Layout
  • Public Relations
  • Education

I thrive on the variety of work I have. I have interviewed millionaires, written website copy for a retail store, created a voiceover script for a video presented to Louisiana’s top government officials, written feature articles, crafted a company’s monthly eNewsletter articles, written a corporate brochure, interviewed legends in the equine world, and much more.

Heather L. ’01
Freelance/contract writer (GA)