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Bachelor of Arts in English, Professional Writing Concentration

Professional Writing: Write Clearly, Creatively, and Effectively

As a writer, you have a message to share with the world in ways that only you can. The professional writing concentration at Pensacola Christian College will guide you to express your creativity distinctly through books, magazines, newspapers, social media, or other platforms.

As you establish your writing voice, PCC’s program will push you to write with excellence, reinforced through a strong foundation in grammar and editing courses. You’ll develop and refine journalistic, advertising, business, and creative writing processes while also grasping the fundamentals of layout and design. While analyzing literature, you’ll develop an understanding of the English language, cultural history, research, and critical thinking, as well as be inspired to create your own pieces as a writer.

Gain practical writing experience through an internship, various campus publications, and other publishing opportunities, providing insight into a world of meaningful careers. By the time you graduate, you’ll be a compelling communicator with the expertise to influence your audience.

Faith-Based Professional Writing

Based on a biblical foundation, the professional writing concentration at PCC will prepare you to express your message clearly and concisely. You’ll gain the skills you need to write pieces that can communicate hope, edify the reader, and honor God.

Journalism Class

Professional Writing Concentration Learning Outcomes

As a professional writing graduate, you will be able to:

  • differentiate between the Christian-traditional view of language and the linguistic view of language;
  • critique trends in the English language from a traditional-Christian perspective;
  • communicate effectively in written and oral presentations;
  • demonstrate proficiency in composing and editing traditional genres of poetry and prose that communicate a clear message in harmony with the biblical worldview;
  • analyze literature as a model for quality writing in light of the Bible, the meaning of the text, and the work’s historical and biographical context; and
  • exhibit professional skills and behaviors necessary to compete in the field of professional writing.

Program Highlights

Professional Writing Portfolio Exhibit

During the Portfolio Exhibit class (PW 421), you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your best work. Besides developing your writing skills even further, you’ll get a taste of the publishing process through choosing the design and layout of your portfolio, editing your own work, and meeting deadlines. You’ll collaborate with classmates and seek approval from your instructor much like a writer would secure approval from a managing editor. At the end of the course, you’ll get to share your writing with your peers, family, and friends during a reading presentation.


Gain real-world writing experience during your Professional Writing Internship (PW 422). While taking this course, you could be editing or writing in various genres such as devotional, journalism, technical, advertising, or fiction. You’ll dedicate 80 hours working directly with a company or ministry that produces newspapers, websites, or textbooks. The skills you receive could be applied to your future career.

Your Professional Writing Future

What can you do with a professional writing concentration?

When you’ve completed a degree with PCC’s professional writing concentration, you’ll be fully equipped to begin your writing career or advance your education. However the Lord directs you to serve, you’ll be prepared to express the written word with confidence, clarity, and excellence.

Here are a few of the countless career opportunities available to you.

  • Advertising
  • Education
  • Editing
  • Journalism
  • Layout
  • Public Relations
  • Technical Writing
  • Writer

Here are a few of the grad schools our professional writing alumni have attended.

  • Abilene Christian University
  • Liberty University
  • Houston Christian University
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • University of Central Florida
  • Regent University

Here are a few of the many places that our professional writing alumni have worked.

  • Abuse Refuge Organization
  • His Mansion Ministries
  • Is There a Cause
  • Macon County Public Library
  • Michigan House of Representatives

Faculty Highlight

Mark Wainwright

Mr. Mark Wainwright

B.S., Pensacola Christian College
M.A., Abilene Christian University

“The need for clear communication has never been greater. That’s why businesses eagerly seek writers and editors who know how to structure convincing copy.
When I was a freshman in college, my English teacher appreciated my writing style and encouraged me to use my writing and editorial skills within a publishing office. That simple word of encouragement taught me the value of believing in others and helping them to honor Christ with their gifts.
Our curriculum goes beyond enabling students to develop exceptional writing, editing, and publishing skills. We want our graduates to impact their communities through print and digital mediums—all for the glory of God. Through carefully designed assignments, students gain important skills needed to succeed in today’s marketplace.”

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Alumni Spotlight

Hannah Bryan
Hannah Bryan ’20

Legislative Staff in the Michigan House of Representatives

“Writing has always brought me joy. I love to read, I love to write, and I love to study grammar. Naturally, professional writing seemed like a good fit. Through the PW program, I’ve been able to do all the things I love, and learned how to improve in those areas. The teachers in PW were amazing. Each one of them had such an incredible way of connecting with us and pushing us to be better. I always felt like I would get honest, useful, constructive feedback—and I did. Their office doors were always open too.”

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About the Professional Writing Concentration

The purpose of the professional writing concentration is for students to use the gift of written language to communicate ideas effectively, concisely, and creatively in order to best express truth.

Sophomores must pass PW 299 Sophomore Writing Ability Evaluation to continue in this concentration.

Professional writing students can apply for scholarships to receive financial aid.

Alan Arlan Lawrence Memorial Scholarship
$1,000 scholarship awarded to a continuing sophomore, junior, or senior with a professional writing concentration, to be applied in the fall semester.

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Career Fair

Professional Writing Career Support

With Career Services and Career Link, students can start making connections with employers while on campus during Career Fair events. These services provide tools and resources designed to empower you for your professional writing jobs.

Need help? Career Services staff are ready to assist you in researching employment opportunities, exploring job qualifications, and providing mock interviews and résumé support.