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While some academic programs focus on preparing you for a specific career, the humanities department at Pensacola Christian College will open the door to multiple career options. After you earn a biblically based liberal arts degree—studying criminal justice, English, history, humanities, or interdisciplinary studies—you’ll be equipped to succeed as a highly capable individual, and an asset to any business or ministry.

The marketable skills you’ll gain in writing, speaking, analysis, and research will be taught through a biblical worldview—causing you to stand out as a distinctively Christian professional. You’ll be ready to start your career or pursue graduate studies fully equipped to establish your voice, think critically, understand culture, and make a lasting contribution in the world for Christ.

Meet the Dean of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Denise McCollim

Dr. Denise McCollim

B.S.N., Bob Jones University
M.S.N., D.N.P., University of South Alabama

The Division of Arts and Sciences comprises the engineering and computer science, humanities, natural sciences, and nursing departments, each of which offers undergraduate degrees. The nursing department also offers a graduate degree.

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Law schools have
accepted humanities


Combined years of
experience in fields
relating to the criminal
justice system


Average number of
pieces in a
professional writing
senior's portfolio

Marie Thompson
Marie Thompson B.A., Pensacola Christian College
M.A., University of West Florida
Doctoral study: Indiana University of Pennsylvania

A Word from the Chair of Humanities

What I learned from PCC has become my passion for all the students who study in the humanities department. Whether it’s criminal justice where our students learn to practice biblical ethics by being “a minister of God . . . for good” (Romans 13:4), or professional writing where students learn to communicate the hope of the gospel through powerful writing, PCC’s humanities department is committed to the Bible and its answers to humanity’s problems.

Each program within the department is dedicated to the pursuit of Truth, the Person of Jesus Christ as He is revealed in the Scriptures. Our students learn to pursue truth in language, literature, history, law and government, communication and writing—as they use their gifts (criminal justice, English, history, political science, pre-law, humanities) for Him.

As they pursue truth, they establish a biblical worldview. Because the pursuit of Truth as revealed in the Bible is the foundation for our academic programs, our students learn to practice biblical, critical thinking—a necessary skill in today’s climate.

Mrs. Marie Thompson

Chair of Humanities Department

Humanities Department News

Shayna Lightfoot: Fulfilling God’s Calling through Law

Following the Lord’s calling, Associate Attorney Shayna Lightfoot advocates for her clientele at Campbell Law.

Humanities Success Stories

Ronald Spivey ’98
HSI Resident in Charge

For Ronald Spivey, working in the Department of Homeland Security is not a regular job—it’s a calling. See how God gave Ronald the foundation he needed for this calling through his education at PCC.

History Seminar

Humanities Seminars

Each semester, you’ll have the opportunity to attend specialized, degree-specific seminars. You’ll meet professionals employed in various academic fields and have a chance to ask them questions or simply listen for the sheer love of learning.

Many speakers come to share their wisdom and knowledge with students: like a practicing lawyer sharing his personal experiences in law school or on the field, a local sheriff explaining economic and computer crime, and experts discussing human trafficking. Regularly, in-house faculty members highlight history and English topics to a captivated audience, and alumni return to share the success they’re experiencing in their fields.

What you learn during these seminars can inspire your current studies and be applied to your future career.

Read more about seminars

Humanities Department Verse

Have not I written to thee excellent things in counsels and knowledge, that I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth; that thou mightest answer the words of truth to them that send unto thee?
Proverbs 22:20, 21

Nursing Department Verse

And of some have compassion, making a difference.
Jude 22