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Criminal Justice Major

Criminal Justice Major—Bachelor of Science Degree

See also Criminal Justice—Associate of Science Degree

Prepare to Protect & Serve

PCC equips men and women with integrity and Christian character to face the unique—and rewarding—challenges of criminal justice.

Beginning with a biblical foundation, PCC’s program trains students to understand the legal, philosophical, and moral foundations of criminal justice systems, while providing hands-on experience in practices and procedures. Specialized courses prepare students for

  • evidence handling
  • police lab techniques
  • proper interrogation
  • accident investigation
  • security procedures
  • rules of evidence
  • management/leadership

Criminal justice faculty have diverse personal field experience, which they incorporate into classroom instruction for a complete education. Additionally, local criminal justice professionals demonstrate current operations and protocol in class and in forums held twice a year, giving students valuable perspectives from active professionals. Following the sophomore year, criminal justice majors participate in two practicums, which provide opportunities to apply classroom knowledge in realistic settings and help students make informed career decisions.

The purpose of the criminal justice major is to prepare students with practical skills and leadership training from a biblical perspective that will allow them to become faithful and effective guarantors of the requisites for freedom and stability (e.g., crime prevention, the preservation of peace, and the safeguarding of civil rights) which ensure justice, equity, and liberty in a free society.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the criminal justice program will be able to

  • formulate a rationale to support ethical and moral choices based on a biblical worldview,
  • articulate the role of the criminal justice professional in the God-ordained institution of government,
  • demonstrate college-level knowledge relevant to the various areas of the criminal justice system,
  • communicate effectively in written and oral presentations, and
  • relate knowledge to practical experience in various areas of the criminal justice system.
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Career Possibilities

  • Private investigation
  • Federal agencies
  • U.S. Armed Forces
  • Probation and Parole
  • Immigration/Customs
  • Federal/State/Local Police
  • Private/Corporate Security

The criminal justice faculty have taught me to look at many of society’s issues from both a spiritual and criminological view. The standard of self-discipline, academic excellence, and spiritual strength I have learned will benefit me as I pursue my career.

Joel H. ’12