Political Science

Political Science

History Major—Political Science Concentration, Bachelor of Arts Degree

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Help Revive America’s Conservative Heritage

As evidenced in the current political landscape, America needs Christian statesmen who will serve the people and lead this generation and the next to stand for righteousness. PCC’s political science concentration educates men and women to meet that need.

This concentration provides a biblical perspective on politics and focuses on conservatism, patriotism, limited government, and personal responsibility. These ideals are emphasized in courses such as American Government, Political Theory, American Public Policy, and Business Law. Classes in political leadership help students better understand important characteristics such as vision, discipline, and initiative. Students also develop and refine their skills as professionals through courses in public relations, writing, debate, and literature.

PCC’s program rests firmly on God’s Word and presents government as a God-ordained institution for establishing and maintaining law and order. This perspective helps students become informed citizens who make a difference for their country.

The purpose of the political science concentration is to train men and women to influence the world with their understanding of government from a Christian worldview.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the political science concentration will be able to

  • apply principles of a Christian worldview to modern political events;
  • evaluate contemporary political events using American founding principles;
  • compare nation-states to the United States federal republic;
  • evaluate the foundational concepts and theories used in political science applying scriptural principles as appropriate; and
  • write informative and persuasive prose in multiple formats used in political science.
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Career Possibilities

  • Politician
  • Lawyer
  • Legal scholar
  • Writer/Researcher
  • Education

PCC fully prepared me for my law school studies and future goal of influencing American government.

Joshua H. ’08
Lawyer; Juris Doctorate: Thomas M. Cooley Law School