History Seminar

Bachelor of Arts in History

History: Study the Past to Influence the Future

History is made every day by men and women just like you. See how small decisions can have a huge impact on the global stage—and how you can become a Christian leader, influencing and making those decisions yourself. You’ll obtain an accurate understanding of the past from a biblical worldview, giving you proper perspective of current events.

The history major at Pensacola Christian College equips students with a holistic understanding of key historical events, people, and time periods and the context surrounding them. You’ll learn from a true—rather than a revisionist—perspective, gaining practical insight from social, economic, and governmental factors. Develop in yourself essential leadership qualities and the ability to discern truth from fiction as you help create a new way forward for society. And with training in research, analysis, and writing and presenting, you’ll be prepared to pursue a career in fields like education, research, government, and law, among other diverse options, as a well-rounded, well-spoken professional.

Faith-Based History

PCC’s history major allows you to discover the role God has played in the lives of great men and women from the beginning of time. Taught from a biblical perspective, your classes will allow you to draw logical and sound responses to past events, filtered through biblical principles. Learn to think critically and reasonably, while standing for truth in a field that’s becoming increasingly secular.

History Class

History Major Learning Outcomes

As a history graduate, you will be equipped to

  • apply a biblical worldview to the study of history.
  • identify major historical periods, ideas, people, and events.
  • interpret and evaluate critical issues in history.
  • conduct historical research and produce clear and compelling analysis.
  • explain the unique nature of America’s founding, through its participants, documents, and principles.

Program Highlights

Introduction to Historical Studies

In HI 200, you’ll begin building critical knowledge of historiography, interpretive methodology, and historical writing. Gain a solid foundation in biblical historical philosophy, learning to critically analyze historical texts—both ancient and modern. Through practical projects, you’ll apply what you’ve learned and delve deep into accounts from the past and how they vary through time.

Senior History Research Project

All your history classes come together in this in-depth investigation (HI 441) of a significant historical person or event. You’ll develop and further refine your critical research, analysis, and communication skills through an independent study of a topic that interests you. This project will serve as your capstone, empowering you to confidently take your place in the historical field.

Your History Future

What can you do with a history major?

After you graduate, your options are endless. With the ability to think critically and a wealth of practical knowledge, you’ll be a professional capable of entering many different fields. Whether you choose to pursue higher education or enter the field directly, your education will equip you for success.

Here are a few of the countless career opportunities available to you.

  • Attorney
  • Author
  • Anthropologist
  • Editor
  • Historian
  • Journalist
  • Judge
  • Museum Educator
  • Politician
  • Researcher
  • Teacher

Here are a few of the grad schools our history alumni have attended.

  • American University
  • Baylor University
  • Columbia International University
  • Georgia Southern University
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Liberty University
  • Regent University
  • The University of Southern Mississippi
  • University of West Florida

Here are a few of the many places that our history alumni have worked.

  • American Association of Christian Schools, Washington, D.C.
  • Americans for Prosperity, Washington, D.C.
  • Bob Jones University
  • Brock & Scott, PLLC
  • Campaign for Liberty
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Family Research Council, Washington, D.C.
  • Freedom Learning Group
  • Georgia Center for Opportunity
  • Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough LLP
  • Smithsonian Museum
  • U.S. House of Representatives
  • United States Central Command (FL)
  • University of Texas at Austin

Faculty Highlight

Steve Northrop

Dr. Steve Northrop

B.S., M.A., Western Michigan University
Ed.D., Pensacola Christian College

“The Lord gave me the desire to teach from a Christian perspective, to influence young men and women for the glory of the Lord. PCC has been a great place to show how God has worked throughout history. The history major prepares students with a biblical worldview they can apply to many fields. It also prepares them to understand history from a Christian perspective. My goal is that God would use our graduates in places of influence and show His hand in history.

Ask the Lord to help you use your interest in history to glorify Him in whatever field He directs.”

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Alumni Spotlight

Ethan Dryden
Ethan Dryden ’23

History Teacher at Plum Creek Christian Academy in Dyer, IN

“I was led to study history at PCC by my love of history and a hope that God would line up some job opportunity while I was at college. PCC helped prepare me by offering a broad range of history material. My favorite part of studying history at PCC was getting to interact with the well-qualified history teachers and have them help shape my understanding of the past. The teachers did their best to help me understand the role of history as well as how to best approach the field academically.

I very much enjoyed the emphasis PCC places on spiritual matters and how the College endeavors to provide students with opportunities to grow and develop in all areas of their lives. If you are considering studying at PCC for history, or any degree really, be ready to put in the hard work to do well.”

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About the History Program

The purpose of the history major is to offer a traditional liberal arts education that is characterized by a dedication to biblical truth, wisdom, and excellence with the purpose of equipping students with the record of God’s actions in the affairs of men and man’s response to the providential works of God. History majors are prepared to enter the fields of law, politics, journalism, education, religion, and social sciences.

Students can apply for scholarships to receive financial aid.

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History Career Support

With Career Services and Career Link, students can start making connections with employers while on campus during Career Fair events. These services provide tools and resources designed to empower you for your career in history.

Need help? Career Services staff are ready to assist you in researching employment opportunities, exploring job qualifications, and providing mock interviews and résumé support.