History Major

History Major—Bachelor of Arts Degree

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Prepare for the Future by Studying the Past

History unfolds daily. But without an accurate understanding of the past from a Christian worldview, current events cannot be understood properly. In PCC’s history program, students learn to analyze and interpret the past in order to understand the world-changing events of today.

Since history is a record of man’s relationship with God, PCC’s program teaches history from a true—rather than a revisionist—perspective, in line with its mission to train future Christian leaders. Students gain practical insight by studying the social, economic, and governmental threads throughout history and comparing and contrasting them with civilization today. Studying key historical figures and events equips students with abundant knowledge to solve present conflicts and problems.

The senior history research project—an in-depth investigation of a significant historical person or event—helps students develop and refine skills in critical research, analysis, and reporting. As they present their project before faculty and fellow classmates, students also use communication skills they develop throughout the program.

With skills to collect, comprehend, and categorize data, students are prepared for careers in teaching, advanced research, law, and even business and management, among many other options.

The purpose of the history major is to offer a traditional liberal arts education that is characterized by a dedication to biblical truth, wisdom, and excellence with the purpose of equipping students with the record of God’s actions in the affairs of men and man’s response to the providential works of God. History majors are prepared to enter the fields of law, politics, journalism, education, religion, and social sciences.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the history program will be able to

  • apply a biblical worldview to the study of history;
  • identify major historical periods, ideas, people, and events;
  • interpret and evaluate critical issues in history;
  • conduct historical research and produce clear and compelling analysis; and
  • explain the unique nature of America’s founding, through its participants, documents, and principles.
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Career Possibilities

  • Law
  • Politics
  • Education
  • Writing
  • Museum curator
  • Journalism
  • Business
  • Management
  • Social sciences
  • Research

The history degree at PCC gave me the skills needed to accomplish my job—skills such as writing, analyzing information, and researching. History helps me to understand the past to be better able to plan for future events.

Ginger M. ’02
Counterterrorism, United States Central Command (FL)