Business Medical Office Systems

Medical Office Systems (A.S.)

Business Major—Medical Office Systems Concentration, Associate of Science Degree

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Help Bring Efficiency to the Medical Profession

In the fast-growing medical field, job opportunities abound in hospitals, doctors’ offices, medical sales, and insurance industries. For each of these areas, employers seek office personnel with exceptional skills and a professional work ethic.

In PCC’s two-year medical office systems program, students prepare for success in the workplace with fundamental courses in medical office systems. Strong skills in keyboarding, filing systems, accounting, and the latest popular computer applications give graduates a tremendous advantage in the field. With extensive training in medical terminology, billing, coding, and transcription, they can enter the workplace as confident and proficient medical office employees.

Academic requirements completed in this program also apply to the Bachelor of Science degree in medical office administration should a student want to further his studies with a four-year degree.

The purpose of the medical office systems concentration is to prepare students to be skilled workers in a medical office. Students demonstrate competent ability in medical and general office duties while learning to apply biblical principles to various workplace situations.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the medical office systems concentration will be able to

  • make ethical and moral choices based on a biblical worldview,
  • communicate effectively in written presentations,
  • use current technology and computer applications effectively in their chosen profession,
  • relate knowledge to practical experiences, and
  • support management in a medical office setting.
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High School Preparation

Recommended high school preparation for a medical office systems concentration is a keyboarding course in which students learn proper technique and develop speed and accuracy. Students will take a placement exam to determine a course best suited for their skills. Opportunities are available to make up keyboarding deficiencies. In this case, time required to complete a medical office systems concentration could be expected to increase.

Career Possibilities

  • Medical office assistant
  • Administrative assistant
  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Insurance billing/coding
  • Medical sales

PCC’s medical office administration program definitely helped me transition from being a medical office worker to becoming a full-time medical transcriptionist. The typing, terminology, and English classes helped prepare me immensely. I now type and proof for a pulmonary group and a neurology group.

Krissie L. ’95
Medical Transcriptionist, Medical Transcription Associates (VA/DE)