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Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts: The Journey to Where You Want to Go

Whether you’re seeking direction for your future studies, looking for a program you can customize to your specific goals, attending college simply for the love of learning, or considering whether a college degree is a good fit for you, an associate’s degree in liberal arts gives you the flexibility to explore your interests and expand your career opportunities.

In this two-year program at Pensacola Christian College, you’ll take foundational classes that will introduce you to new ideas, develop your critical thinking skills, and help you grow as a person. As you study literature and history, you’ll better understand the context of the world around you and learn to appreciate other perspectives. Math and science classes will enhance your understanding of how physical creation functions, writing and speech classes will refine your communication skills, and Bible classes will direct you to see God’s hand in the universe and in your own life.

In addition to the core classes, you’ll have over 20 credits of electives, where you’ll be free to pursue your passions and discover new ones. And as you gain knowledge, you may find that there’s a field of study you’d like to pursue with a more specific major.

Attending college gives you valuable life experience both in the classroom and through campus life. An associate’s degree provides the benefit of a college education without requiring a four-year commitment.

When you finish, you’ll have an accredited college degree that will increase your earning potential and make you eligible for career advancement—and if you decide to apply your credits to a four-year program, your associate’s degree will be a meaningful milestone as you pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Faith-Based Liberal Arts

Every single class at Pensacola Christian College is presented from a biblical perspective. You’ll learn that language and speech are gifts from God to be used for his glory. Your teachers will guide you to appreciate the beauty of quality literature, to be a good steward of God’s creation, and to serve the Lord with your life. As you develop skills, knowledge, and insight, you’ll be prepared to be a light for the Lord wherever you’re called.

Students Studying

Liberal Arts Major Learning Outcomes

As a liberal arts graduate, you will be able to

  • recognize the historical events and literary works that have influenced Western civilization.
  • recognize how society is influenced by worldview.
  • communicate clearly and effectively in speaking and writing.
  • develop an ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize ideas.
  • apply fundamental principles of mathematics and science to analyze and solve problems.

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One of the most exciting aspects of the liberal arts degree is the many elective credits. If you’d like to specialize and focus on a specific course of study, you’re free to customize your choices to achieve your goals. But if you’d like to diversify and broaden your experiences, try taking classes that simply sound interesting! Improve your cooking and sewing skills, take a few business classes, master another language, study the lives of influential missionaries, try out your skills as an artist, or deepen your knowledge of God’s Word. Whether you discover a new passion or just appreciate a variety of topics, you’ll benefit from all you’ve learned.

Your Liberal Arts Future

What can you do with a liberal arts degree?

An associate of arts degree in liberal arts can be the perfect first step toward many possible futures. With a strong foundation in fundamental subjects, plus the flexibility to tailor your elective credits to your interests and goals, your degree can help you determine your direction or pursue a specific objective—or, you can simply broaden your knowledge and reap the benefits of having an expanded and refined way of thinking.

Whether you begin your career after completing your associate’s degree or continue your education by working toward a bachelor’s degree, what you’ve learned in the liberal arts program will increase your opportunities and enrich your life.

Faculty Highlight

Gregory Miller

Mr. Gregory Miller

B.S., M.S., Pensacola Christian College
Doctoral study: Indiana University of Pennsylvania

“PCC’s liberal arts degree is unique in that we value culture, history, philosophy, and practical skills, but from a biblical point of view. Each teacher carefully considers how his or her class will equip each student for a broad range of ministry and career paths.

In my literature class, I want students to see the beauty and importance of classic works and to see that these works are not out of their reach. But more important, I want to model for students how to read everything they encounter. When we, from a biblical worldview, approach ideas about life and relationships that we see in classic literature, we can develop the skill of thinking biblically that I hope will be a part of all of my students’ lives even after college.

There is much pressure nowadays for students to feel that they must know how their future career is going to play out, but this is not often how life works. God can use us in ways that we will never be able to prepare for fully, and that can be a good thing! The liberal arts major can be beneficial for someone who may not have an exact career in mind right away because it covers a broad range of disciplines that will be a great springboard into any career or further education.

However, this major can also be beneficial to a person who has a very specific career in mind that requires knowledge of multiple different areas. For the person who wants to customize and curate a specific educational path—or for students who are still exploring their possibilities—the liberal arts major can be a great choice. ”

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About the Liberal Arts Program

The purpose of the Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts is to provide students the facts and skills necessary to think critically and to communicate effectively from a biblical worldview.

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