Performance Studies

Performance Studies Major

Performance Studies Major—Bachelor of Arts Degree

See also Speech Education

Learn the Art of Dramatic Performance to Communicate Creatively

The study of dramatic performance creates opportunities in performance, education, ministry, and other fields in which powerful communication is key. Performers engage and motivate audiences through verbal and nonverbal communication, extending far beyond the theater.

PCC’s performance studies program prepares students for this vital and energetic career by cultivating their abilities in dramatic presentation, public speaking, and stage productions. This program emphasizes the creative and logical development applicable for solo, dramatic, and informative performance. In preparation for a solo senior recital, students also learn characterization, narration, and vocal technique. Students gain experience through involvement in major stage productions in the Dale Horton Auditorium, dramatic productions in the Experimental Theater, and Sunday Reflections programs.

With this creative yet practical degree, students can choose from a variety of career options such as performance, education, ministry, and public relations, or enter graduate school to specialize in a chosen field.

The purpose of the performance studies major is to train students to effectively communicate with an audience as a Christian performer.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the performance studies program will be able to

  • develop a repertoire that reflects a biblical worldview of dramatic performance;
  • incorporate credible research and analysis in platform presentations;
  • interpret literature, communicating with textual integrity, intellectual understanding, emotional sensitivity, and vivid characterizations;
  • demonstrate a control of vocal technique and nonverbal communication; and
  • stage platform presentations which are aesthetically pleasing.
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Career Possibilities

  • Educator
  • Director
  • Stage manager
  • Scenic designer
  • Arts management
  • Performer
  • Communications
  • Public relations

In high school, I enjoyed speech and drama and wanted to pursue it further, not knowing what I would do for a career. PCC’s program couldn’t have prepared me any more perfectly for my career! The work I did in oral interpretation, storytelling, and dramatic production classes at PCC was exactly what I needed for my job—I continually use tools gained at PCC in my work.

Darrin C. ’94
Historic Village Education Coordinator (Iowa)