Mathematics Major

Mathematics Major—Bachelor of Science Degree

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As the universal language of order, analysis, and logic, mathematics fuels almost every area of practical and professional life. In this essential academic study, PCC’s mathematics program adequately prepares students to understand and apply mathematics to both of those areas.

Built on a biblical perspective, PCC’s program prepares students to use mathematical ideas in solving problems ranging from practical uses to more sophisticated applications in the physical sciences. Students combine application to mathematical theory, exercising their ability to analyze and predict complex equations. This ability creates the foundation for many career options. Stock brokers, accountants, financial consultants, biochemists, scientists, and countless other professions find common ground in this intricate study.

With this depth and variety of courses, graduates have the option to immediately begin a career in various fields or to further their study in advanced degrees.

The purpose of the mathematics major is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning, problem solving, and communication skills that will prepare them to succeed in either graduate school or in a variety of careers in business, industry, government, or teaching. Concurrently, the mathematics major will help students recognize mathematics as the language God used in establishing the physical laws of the universe.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the mathematics program will be able to

  • apply established methods of problem solving in the major areas of undergraduate mathematics,
  • apply abstract reasoning to mathematical systems,
  • explain key concepts in the major areas of undergraduate mathematics, and
  • communicate the nature of mathematics as the language of science and as a means of representing the natural laws that God established in Creation.
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Career Possibilities

  • Finance
  • Mathematical statistics
  • Computer science
  • Biomathematics
  • Operations research
  • Education
  • Actuary

I chose math because it was a field I enjoyed and would open many doors. I recognized math as foundational to many career paths.

Sarah C. ’99
Senior Benefits Consultant